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erika who?

*  Ohio born and raised, forever a Buckeye!  O - H!

*  Metro Detroit living with my amazing man, my awesome kids and our kick ass boston, Sir Charlie.

*  I'm a wannabe hipster but I'm too old.  I like vintage things, abandoned buildings and neat restaurants in Detroit.  I <3 Detroit.

*  I love photography and I've shot for 10 years!  I'm going back to school so that photography can become a hobby again.

*  I'd love to travel the world but for now, I'll settle for traveling the US going to hockey games!  #LGRW

*  I used to live in Ohio... I became a Michigander on the last day of 2010.

*  I enjoy shooting kids, pets, families and weddings.  I like elegance but also quirky things.  I'm a mixed bag.

*  I love to read and netflix gorge.  

*  One day I'd love to have my pilots license, learn to ride a motorbike and visit Bora Bora.


*  The first destination wedding to book with me ever, will receive services free.  They only have to provide travel and accommodations.